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Eä Tolkien Society Meeting Notes for November 2018

by Hawke published Dec 15, 2018 08:55 AM, last modified Dec 15, 2018 08:51 AM
Meeting notes from our November 2018 monthly Eä Tolkien Society Meeting. Many thanks to Brian Huseland our society secretary. See you at next month's meeting!

Notes for November 17, 2018

Ea Tolkien Society

Attended: Hawke, Chris, Richard, Corey, Brian

1. Ranging discussion about Stan Lee and superheroes.

2. Segue to Tolkien. To refer to the longing for something greater than

3. Brian read the notes from October 2018. Far reaching discussion.

4. Hawke brought up:

a. RPGRESEARCH did a presentation at Eagle Peak Alternative School

b. His chapter for a book on Therapeutic Recreation: “RPG Therapy”

c. Pax Unplugged

d. Google’s search engine suppressed Tolkien site for a few weeks.

e. Google Plus: a person in Egypt shared a video showing English and
Arabic translations of Tolkien… a collection.

5. Tolkien Society posted about a BBC Radio 3 episode on Mirkwood.

6. All take turns reading Tolkien’s Letter 153.

a. Discussion: the relationship between Creator and sub-creator, and
creation and sub-creation.

b. Trolls vs. Ents

c. Tom Bombadil

7. We paused at the beginning of the paragraph, “I have already dealt
with the problem of elf-human marriage.”

8. Next time we will finish Letter 153 and discuss the Fall of Gondolin.

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