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Ea Tolkien Society August 2015 Meeting Notes

by Hawke published Sep 01, 2015 12:00 AM, last modified Oct 20, 2015 03:35 PM
Many thanks to Brian for the meeting notes from August's 2015 monthly meeting of the Ea Tolkien Society. This also includes the photo he had of where "The Tolkien Tree" once was...

Ea Tolkien Society Meeting

August 8, 2015

Present: Hawke (HR), Brian (BH), Jeremiah (JB)

1. Hawke facilitated our meeting from his vehicle en route to a family
reunion of Katy’s.

2. Brian had difficulty getting to the Google Hangout Live/technical

3. HR reviewed last meeting in July at Tolkien Moot XI. BH joined on
vacation in the U.K.; Marty from the Wagnerian Society presented Part II of
the Ring Cycle summary in graphic charts; and later on Michael Martinez &
Hawke talked on the middle Earth Talk Show Episode 51 to those gathered at
the Moot (Two Bards connection).

4. JB commented, “For the record, this is the most amusing format you’ve
used so far.”

5. BH finally able to join. Read notes from July meeting.

6. BH mentioned the Huseland family’s hunt for the site of the Black Pine
of Oxford, also called “Tolkien’s tree”. Photos shared of what it looked
like before the tree was cut down, and now. The stump has been removed,
apparently because of rot. So now there is only sod… the only sign is the
repaired section of the wall where the tree limb came down in a storm.
Rather sad but necessary.
The walled garden is right across from Magdalen College, where CS Lewis
taught English Lit. at Oxford.

7.  JB mentioned Verlyn Flieger’s edited version of Tolkien’s On Fairy
only available in the UK.

8. BH mentioned that in his family’s trip to the UK they visited CS Lewis’
home in Oxford called The Kilns; Douglas Gresham happened to be there!
(step-son of Lewis)

9. BH and JB discussed various topics, including the radio theatre versions
of the Chronicles of Narnia and also Tolkien’s Silmarillion (there’s a
public domain one…

10. JB anticipates highly the release of Tolkien’s Kullervo in August,
before the USA gets it. L

11. Discussion and speculation of what Christopher Tolkien will publish
next. (King of the Green Dozen, please?)

12. Facsimile edition boxed set of the Hobbit due out soon, including
original version of “Riddles in the Dark” chapter?
Can’t find this in the USA.

13. JB remarked on the news that the extended version of the Battle of the
Five Armies has been given an R-rating. Discussion.

14. Decision to postpone reading a Tolkien letter till next meeting, and
it’s also getting late for Jeremiah.

15. *Our next meeting will be Saturday, Sept. 12. We will be reading JRRT
letters 101-105.* Letter 105 references three works we should refer to if
time: the aforementioned Essay on Fairy Stories; a poem, "The Lay of
 Aotrou and Itroun" found here:;
and The Notion Club Papers (published in Sauron Defeated). See this
interesting link for further research ( a bit long, but it deals with
Tolkien's nervous breakdown).

Respectfully submitted by the Secretary,

Brian Huseland