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Eä Tolkien Society Meeting Notes for January 15th, 2022

by Hawke published Feb 18, 2022 11:50 PM, last modified Feb 19, 2022 10:47 AM
Ea Tolkien Society Smial, an official chapter of the U.K. Tolkien Society. Monthly meeting notes.

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Eä Tolkien Society Meeting
Spokane, Washington
January 15th, 2022

Here are the notes from last month; our next meeting will be Feb. 19 and *will
examine the works of Ursula K LeGuin* (for example *A Wizard of Earthsea*,
1968) with an eye to Tolkien's influence on her fantasy writing (directly
and indirectly). The plan for our March 19 meeting is for you to invite
Spokane author C.J. Cherryh to join us and discuss ways in which she finds
inspiration from JRRT and ways in which she would contrast their works.

After Cherryh, if there are no more nominations for later authors, we will
move to those contemporary to Tolkien who were either influenced by him or
who influenced the Professor.

Please note that in February we should discuss the topic brought up by
Anthony--latest news about the Amazon "Rings of Power" series, and read
JRRT letter 197.

Others who live far away can join us on Jitsi later this month.

Notes for January 15, 2022

Attended: Anthony, Corey, Hawke, Brian (online Chris K, Gary)

1. Introductions for everyone

2. Brian read notes.

3. Discussion of notes.

4. Overview of novels

a. Dragon King trilogy

i. Quentin’s quest

ii. Author’s
development: Lawhead, Tolkien

b. Pendragon Cycle

c. Song of Albion Trilogy

5. More than Words essay

a. Brian reads selected quotations… “Beauty, Truth, and Goodness”

b. Anthony reference to Kant’s “Beautiful and the Sublime” & Keats
“Ode to a Grecian Urn”

c. Corey- -Tolkien doesn’t push an agenda but engages us with
universal truth and beauty

d. Chris—Art purists vs. Art propagandists; Tolkien is Middle Way.
Artistic integrity of the High Quest… Lawhead calls it “the freedom of
implicity” in revealing meaning within fantasy.

e. Gary admires Tolkien and other artists who say there is Beauty,
objective and real.

6. Anthony read Letter 196

7. Next month’s author: Ursula Le Guin

Submitted by the Smial Secretary,

Brian Huseland


Next meeting: 1-3 pm PST8/PDT7, February 19th, 2022


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