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Eä Tolkien Society December 2015 Meeting Notes

by Hawke published Jan 09, 2016 11:10 AM, last modified Jan 09, 2016 11:10 AM
Here are the meeting notes from our Tolkien Society's December 2015 meeting. Many thanks to our Society Secretary, Brian Huseland!

December 12, 2015

Ea Tolkien Society

Attending: Hawke, Chris, Brian, Corey , RB online, Brandon online


  1. HR opened meeting

  2. BH read November meeting notes

  3. HR rant re: Facebook trouble.

  4. Stephen Colbert show... recently mentioned case in Turkey. Expert witness.

  5. TOR Ruins of the North… now out! HR gives us a description of 3 generations of Middle Earth RPG games. Iron Crown Enterprises (MERP) / Decipher & Co. / Cubicle 7.

  6. HR Vinyar Tengwar… report from MythCon 19… the first Elf-meeting. Berkeley Mythopoeic Society. Writers Ursula Le Guin & Brian Atterbery. Computers first mentioned.HR remembered creating a “Tolkish” database. Hobbit text only game… Vinyar numbers 1-12. 1=mini/mine/min 2=at/atta/ad 3=nel/nelde/neled

  7. Corey commented on cover of Farmer Giles and photos of Tolkien.

Started reading FGOH. At Parson’s discovery that the sword was Caudimordax.

1st comments: Brandon: Farmer Giles’ titles/JRRT aesthetic. Turambar gave himself names. Kullervo-type character self-pity. See old notes comparing Kullervo/Turin. Chris K has copy from UK of Tolkien’s Kullervo. Corey mentioned other authors… CS Lewis, L’Engle. JB Treebeard’s comments to hobbits telling him their names.

  1. Cont. reading FGOH. Ended with “No news is bad news.” Memorable character. Corey commented on legend of Bellarius being forgotten in court. Tolkien sensitive to that. Fairy tales essential part of culture. Corey John Bly’s book on men. Discussion.

  2. Updates available… online, no longer on FB.

  3. Next meeting, Jan. 9, 2016