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Eä Tolkien Society September 2016 Meeting Notes

by Hawke published Oct 14, 2016 11:15 AM, last modified Oct 14, 2016 11:15 AM
Meeting Notes from Tolkien Society September 17th, 2016 meeting...

September 17th

Residence of Hawke Robinson

Attending: Brian (BH), Chris (CK), Melody (MK), Hawke (HR), Richard (RB)

(Many thanks to MK for the delicious gingerbread)

1. BH read notes from August meeting, during which we all take turns reading aloud Bilbo's Last Song).

2. General Discussion. MK brough Owen Barfield's Poetic Diction along, and read a few quotes for us. Barfield was a close friend of Tolkien's. HR mentioned reading the Silmarillion to Katy. Also MK asked who had read the Children of Hurin.

3. CK made an observation about public discourse--you have 3 minutes to say whatever you want to say. Reference to Bob Newhart, miscellaneous, etc.

4. HR read Tolkien's Letter 127 (14 April 1950). We discussed Rayner Unwin's forwarded letter, and Tolkien's response. HR referred to Michael Martinez's Ch. 2 "Middle-Earth is a hodge-podge of literature". (quote from this)**

5. MM's Understanding Middle-Earth: There are asterisk words. LOTR is an asterisk book. A man of his genius may only come along once in a thousand years.

6. Discussion about Tolkien's publishing dilemma. RB mentioned that he related to this.

7. RB read Letter 128. (include interesting footnote here about interesting change in LOTR). "Pressure and peril from behind and before."

8. MK read Letter 129. Discussion.

9. CK read Letter 130. Comments on footnote. Authors and how long it takes feedback to be received. HR made link to Babylon 5 TV show and how the producer/writer planned it out ahead of time.

10. Hawke's Meaningful Tangent: Good News about the RPG Therapy Trailer! He has found a less expensive alternative, a sort of proto-type of the trailer he eventually wants to use.<> and<>. Now he is working out the logistics. More to report next month.

11. Next meeting will be October 15th from 1-3 pm.