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Eä Tolkien Society Monthly Meeting Notes, May 2016

by Hawke published Jun 10, 2016 10:38 AM, last modified Jun 10, 2016 10:38 AM
Many thanks to Brian Huseland, society secretary, for the monthly meeting notes! Join us for June's meeting, on the 11th, 1:00 pm Pacific. And remember Tolkien Moot XII is coming July 16th!

Attended: Hawke, Richard, Brian, Chris and Corey. Deborah and Jeremiah.

  • Brian read Notes from April.
  • Deborah shared her maps. Unfortunately she was not able to keep her Internet connection.
  • Various comments.
  • Hawke read excerpt from The Fellowship (Inklings)... Prologue.
  • Chris K's review of first 2 chapters. Snapshots of each in context of community.
  • What about now? Isn't there a great need for civil collaboration between those of differing opinions? General discussion. Myth is not an easy medium.
  • Kuperstein referred to Asimov story, 
  • Jeremiah's comments about RPG, Tolkien's Legendarium. Carpenter's inklings vs Inklings book. Also civil discourse still alive.
  • Authorship is influenced by ones peers to the extent we are sharing and listening.
  • Vinyar Tengwar Nov 1988 Table A verbs... Elvish verb tenses. March 1989 Entish verses... 5 we know of: song of living creatures; song of the seasons; alternation of Ent and Entwives (written by Elves); song of the slain Rowan's; battle song against Isengard. 
  • Rpgnet... Comments re origin of hobbits. Tolkienmoot VIII, 2012 has references at end of module**.
  • Read 118... Richard read. Christmas note to teen fan Hugh Brogan.
  • Read 119... Chris read. Tolkien took first sabbatical in 25 years.
  • Read 120 by Corey. 1949. Pauline Baynes very happy with it.
  • Chapter 2 Michael Martinez. Understanding Middle Earth. Elves change... Conservatism vs change. Change in location, culture, language. Their choices force them to change. Woodland Realm, Lothlorian.  
  • Michael Martinez's other related Tolkien books: Visualizing Middle-earth, Parma Endorian, Mindfaring through Middle-earth, and more information and his other books on various topics:
  • Jeremiah commented on Notion club papers. Dunn's theories of time**.
  • Next time reading letter 121 etc. on June 11.

 Also Tolkien Moot XII will be July 16th!

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