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Eä Tolkien Society Meeting Notes for November 21st, 2020

by Hawke published Nov 21, 2020 11:50 PM, last modified Nov 22, 2020 08:17 AM
Meeting notes by our Smial Secretary Brian, from the Ea Tolkien Society's monthly meeting, November 21st, 20202. "Certainly we at the Eä Tolkien Society have found some encouragement from these meetings in the midst of 2020. Being able to read Tolkien's works lifts us all outside our moment and reminds us of deeper, older things that are worthwhile. May you all have a blessed week (and for Americans, a wonderful Thanksgiving albeit different than normal).

Remotely attended: Hawke, Chris, Corey, Anthony, Sarah, and Brian

1. Hawke Robinson gave an introduction

2. Brian read the notes for September's meeting during Tolkienmoot, with
special panel speakers. We did not meet in October.

3. Discussion about the topics from September.
--Update on Amazon's "Lord of the Rings" Prime series
--Game of Thrones vs. the Story of Arda: what's the difference? Comments
from Corey, Chris, and Anthony

4. Amon Hen issue 285 highlights
--"Riddle of Strider"
--"Gildor, Frodo, and Bilbo"
--"Tolkien Tabletop #2"

5. Other Minds magazine new issue (Hawke will need to send us link)

6. Sarah's comments on the two Italian translations of the Lord of the
Rings; the first sounded like an ancient saga in older style language, and
the second was much more readable in modern language.

7. Anthony read Letter 178 and 179 from Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien

8. Discussion of letters: topic of criticism and also Egolf's four aspects
of group dynamics:

9. Last minute topics
--Hawke recommended gaming events coming up via for
those who would like a social connection
--New Tolkien book coming over summer 2021: The Nature of Middle-earth.

10. Suggested topics for December 19 meeting: hope and humor in Tolkien's
writings. Closely tied to these are "patience and love" rather than
impatience and anger, which characterizes our world so much now.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Huseland, Smial Secretary"

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