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Eä Tolkien Society Meeting Notes June 2016

by Hawke published Aug 09, 2016 02:20 PM, last modified Aug 09, 2016 02:21 PM
Monthly Tolkien Society Meeting & Broadcast notes. Saturday June 11, 2016.

Attended: Richard, Brian, Hawke
Joining us online: Deborah, Chris

1. Brian read notes from May meeting
2. Deborah shared more about her work on maps
3. Hawke reads letter from Facebook user... A translation request from
Monique to pass on for anyone who can help.
4. Tolkienmoot XII will be July 16, 8 am-10 pm. Es Tolkien Society meeting
will be 1-3 pm as usual.
5. Hawke read from Vinyar Tengwar, for our monthly Elvish language lesson.
March 1989 (V.T. 4)
Phrases from Dr. And patient dialogue. Laiwa nanye. "I am sick."
Ai, elye mol milmeo. "Alas, you slave of greed."
Also Vinyar Tengwar issue mentioned the relationship of Finnish and Quenya.
6. Richard read Tolkien Letter 121.
*mentions his kids are ages 20-32 (Jonathan, Michael, Christopher,
*final "fair copy" of LOTR
*"Legends of the Little Kingdom" intended sequel to Farmer Giles of Ham
(never completed)
7. Brian read Letter 122.
*discussion whether Tolkien wanted to publish LOTR as 1 book or 6 books.
*divided by publisher into 3 books which led to "reader's despair" at end
of 2 Towers (our phrase)
*Flammenwerfer--a blunderbuss/ firearm

8. Hawke read Letter 123 (written 1950). Tolkien thinking about changing

9. Chris read letter 124 to Allen and Unwin publishers.
*Tolkien does not identify as "Anglo-Saxon"? Resume discussion in August
when read Letter 125.

10. We did not have time to read an essay from Michael Martinez.

Next Ea Tolkien Society will be Saturday, July 16 during Tolkienmoot XII.
Michael Martinez will join us.

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