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Eä Tolkien Society Meeting Notes for April 2018

by Hawke published May 18, 2018 08:57 AM, last modified May 18, 2018 08:57 AM
Meeting notes from our April 2018 monthly Tolkien Society meeting. Many thanks to Brian Huseland our society Secretary. See you at next month's meeting!

Ea Tolkien Society Notes

April 2018

Attended: Hawke, Brian, Corey, Richard, and ...

   1. Items to discuss: Richard & precursor authors. Christopher Tolkien.
   Where to stream.
   2. Brian read notes from March.
   3. Comments. Richard mentioned metaphysical appearance of elves, rather
   than mere physical appearance. Hawke references Bollywood movies. Is LOTR
   translated in Hindi? How many languages? What languages is LOTR not
   translated in?
   4. Brian read the news from the Tolkien Society about Christopher
   Tolkien’s upcoming “The Fall of Gondolin”.
   5. Corey started a discussion about the oath of Feanor & the elves that
   followed. Turgon’s decision to retreat from the War against Morgoth by
   building the hidden city of Gondolin.
   6. Richard: Youtube channel “Extra Credit” has series called Sci-Fi.
   Precursor authors: Lord Dunsany
   7. Hawke: where to stream. They keep changing where to go. Shall we move
   our streaming to Votes: YEA 4  NAY 0. It can be on
   rpgresearch channel. 3 YEA 1 ABSTAIN.
   8. Corey read Tolkien Letter 150. Sept. 1954. Tolkien’s regret that he
   hasn’t sent in letter re: Appendices. Vol. 1 page 8. Progress. Alphabets &
   9. Hawke read Letter 151. Sept. 1954. “Vistas of yet more legend and
   history” imbedded in Lord of the Rings which refers to the Silmarillion
   material (unpublished at the time). Preference of goblins & Orcs (not
   Macdonald’s goblins). Also regret of using word “elves” and its debasement
   (i.e. Shakespeare). Frodo a study of a broken hobbit. Middle Earth,
   Midgard. Story of the 3rd Age leads to ordinary history. Land of Valinor
   and its physical existence changing… no longer available to reach from
   10. Corey begins the reading of Valaquenta, the second story in the
   Silmarillion. “Men have often called them gods.” The Ainur = servants of
   Eru. Manwe, the Power of Sky.
   11. Brian reads about Varda, Elbereth, the Power of Light. Interesting
   that they help extend each other’s abilities.
   12. Richard reads about Ulmo. Pre-scientific understanding of the earth.
   13. Connection with Ulmo & sending Tuor to Gondolin with warning. Call
   of the sea. Legolas hearing the gulls. The restlessness of the waves and
   depths are so great… mystery.
   14. Next meeting is May 19, 2018. On

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